What to Bring: Pregnancy Photos

Below are suggestions of what to bring but feel free to bring anything you want. Also please look at other websites to get ideas of what you would like. I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. All maternity photos are based on what you want from fully clothed shots to partially and discreetly naked shots.

If you can, try not to wear confining bras, socks, pants etc on the day of your shoot, as there might be elastic marks on your skin. No socks or shoes please although high heels can add to an outfit…I will do some hand shots on the belly so if you need a manicure go ahead and spoil yourself!

Mom to Be

  • White tank top (colours welcome) spaghetti straps are the best. I will pull it up over your belly so it does not need to fit well. (white Bras)
  • Black tank top spaghetti strap best (black bras)
  • Black (solid black) bottoms (pants, skirt, yoga pants)
  • Flowing skirts (I have a shear cloth to wrap around you but you may prefer a skirt or your own sarong) white pants
  • White button shirt maternity or you husband’s oversized shirt
  • Jeans (preferably pre-maternity if they go over your hips, open at the front is the okay, no worries if they don’t fit mine never did, still don’t!)
  • A sweater/shirt that ties at the front and allows your belly to show
  • Colourful shawls, dresses, necklaces?
  • Anything you think will be fun and sexy, clothes with colours, stretchy dresses that shows all your curves etc.
  • Shawls to drape around you
  • Black braw Black underwear
  • Sexy underwear negligees


  • Little booties,
  • Blocks that spell the child’s gender or name if you know it. ( I have block’s too)
  • Special toys from the baby’s room
  • Anything you can think of
  • Have fun and the more you bring the more options we have.

NOTE: I am happy to photo-shop blemishes at your request please let me know on the day of the shoot, I will not automatically get rid of blemishes unless you request it, I have erased moles before accidentally so unless I know it is a blemish to be erased it will remain in the photo this goes for everyone in the photo.

The Dad

  • Black shirt
  • White shirt
  • Matching coloured shirt to one of your outfits?.
  • Jeans

Other Children

  • Pastel dress
  • Jeans/overalls/Dress
  • Dark shirt
  • White shirt
  • Pastel shirt (pink blue, green etc)