What to Bring: Newborn Photos

Newborn photos are all about the newborn but I will also take sibling shots and family shots. I will start with the white background so feel free to wear your whites first.

NOTE: I am happy to photo-shop blemishes at your request, please let me know on the day of the shoot, I will not automatically get rid of blemishes unless you request it, as I have erased moles before accidentally. So unless I know it is a blemish to be erased it will remain in the photo. Tthis goes for everyone in the photo.

Mom and Dad

  • White shirt (button or t-shirt) light coloured works as well
  • Black shirt (button or t-shirt. Black shirt is important for many of the dramatic baby in hand shots
  • Dark blue or brown  or Black with white stripes  do not disappear into the background and the effect will not be as good as with an ALL black shirt
  • Jeans are great
  • Pink for moms and daughters
  • Blue for dads and sons
  • No shoes or socks


Mostly baby will be naked and the only thing that you really need to bring is a blanket with colour but the following are suggestions.

  • Special outfit if it means a lot…
  • Teddy bears
  • Hats
  • Booties
  • Silver spoon
  • Your wedding rings
  • Blocks that spells their name ( I have 2×2 blocks as well)


  • White shirt
  • Black shirt (dark shirt is okay)
  • Gender specific shirt (pink, blue)
  • Jeans, overalls
  • Dress


During the shoot the babies are naked and moved around more than they ever have been and they expend a lot of energy and tend to become hungry frequently. Please bring enough milk and subsequent diapers to keep your little one soothed and happy.

Props that I have

  • scale
  • baskets
  • blankets (brown grey blue white fuzzy)
  • baby bed
  • bowls
  • wings
  • flowers
  • blocks
  • large tea cup
  • and more…

Photos are significantly more personal if you bring props from your own house but no worries if you don’t know what to bring. I have lots to use or we don’t need to use props at all.