What to Bring: Family Photos

These are different suggestions for the different backgrounds. I like a casual look that is simple and allows the children to shine through. However there is nothing wrong with colour. Read through and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Most people bring 3-4 options that we can go through at the studio. Some children love changing, some do not, keep this in mind and prioritize your outfits. I can help choose if you are not sure what will look best together. Do not be afraid to go shopping to find something appropriate. Part of why I have suggested the simple outfits are they are less dated then trendy outfits. Also you want this to be a fun experience for your kids and yourself so make sure the outfits for the kids fit before coming and that the children are comfortable in them.

Also several people have gone shopping kept the tags on and then returned the outfit.

For family shoots I usually just use the white background and other backgrounds I have on hand and save the black for newborn. If you want to use the background bring back shirts for all and let me know.

Clothing Suggestions

White Background:

  1. White shirts and jeans
  2. White shirt and tan pants
  3. Coloured tops and jeans same tone all light or all dark
  4. Anything you want, good to keep tones the same, all bright colours, all light colours. Lots of options are always good
  5. White pants or dresses and then pastel coloured matching tops this is very spring like and can be coordinated with gender (blue for boys pink for girls or all same colour for everyone)
  6. Anything at all… what do you like?

Black background

On the black background I take head shot photos of both parents with each child individually, the black shirts are important to this (gray, striped or bulky tops should be avoided) However the shirts will not show.

  1. Black shirts for parents, long sleeves are best but t-shirts are okay too. Think about whether you like your arms or not and pick accordingly.
  2. Jeans  for everyone is fine.
  3. Kids do not have to have black shirts unless they are easily accessible. Dark coloured shirts are great, young children can be topless or naked.
  4. Older children look great in black shirts for head shots.
  5. Babies look great naked.
  6. Colourful dress up clothes look great on the black as well so some of the clothing items can be used on both backgrounds.

Individual Children and Sibling Shots

For sibling shots see above suggestions, they do not have to be matching although it is quite cute. Some children cannot do a lot of changes so plan accordingly

  • Same tone of clothing makes the photos more professional looking
  • Individual shots:  anything you like –  bright colourful fun outfits, sport equipments props, have fun with this, dress up cloths, your old dresses or shirts and ties.
  • Simple is fine too jeans and white shirts

Suggested Props

Bring whatever is personal to you. I have a few items, but I prefer the photos to reflect your own personal taste and life style.

  • Sport equipment, jerseys
  • Ballet outfits, dress up, high heels necklaces etc.
  • Hats, toques
  • Rain boots, umbrella, raincoats
  • Blocks that spell names ( I have blacks)
  • Teddy bears, toys
  • Funky shoes for special outfits (although family shots I prefer shoeless) and please make sure your shoes are clean.
  • Anything that makes sense to your family

General Tips

  • I am not fond of socks or shoes in photos; I think they look funny in photos especially when they are set up to be casual. Little kids with shoes tend to have their feet pointing to the ceiling and all you see is the sole of the shoes. However if you want dressier photos then we can work with them. Also grandmas tend not to want to be bare foot so nude coloured nylons are good.
  • For girls  skirts and dresses make sure when they are sitting that the skirt or dress flares out otherwise their underwear shows as the dress rides up.
  • Patterns and stripes are okay as long as the colours are coordinated…polka dots are fun as well.
  • Solid coloured t-shirts are best rather then something with a picture unless it is a favored t-shirt of the child or has flowers or something simple on it. light coloured shirts with darker coloured banding should be avoided.
  • If you want to bring toys in the photo go with a theme or one large toy per photo (dinosaurs, trains, dolls teddy bears etc).
  • For the moms, I frequently have everybody lay on their tummy so make sure you will not be concerned about too much cleavage.
  • It is best to keep hair out of the eyes as the children move around a lot and if hair falls into their face constantly a good shot might be missed. Also some hair styles that are adorable do not translate into photo (example, sometime pigtails only one shows in the photos and it looks lopsided but this does not mean pigtails should be avoided just thought out.)
  • Makeup should be simple and make your feel pretty, if you do not normally wear make you might want a bit of powder or lip gloss just for fun.

Feel free to bring lots of options we will not use them all but it is good to have.